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Grab your FREE seat to my special Bible art journaling 4 day online workshop!

Hey, I’m Rebekah R Jones!

I am passionate about helping you connect with God through Bible art journaling. My goal is to get you confidently creating and growing in the Word, being transformed by it. I believe it is important to know we can trust who is pouring into us spiritually. So, let me give you some insight into who I am…

I was born into a wonderful Christian family. My life has been marked by God since I was a young girl. Jesus has always been my best friend and I’ve always loved pursuing Him.

I started hungrily studying the Bible as a young person with a curriculum my parents published, (which I’ve adapted and is in my Heart To Freedom membership!). By the time I was 12, I had given my first sermon and by 16 I was regularly teaching in schools. I’ve written and developed more curriculum than I can count in the last 25 years and I’m excited to support you in your journey to grow in God!

Are you ready?!?

Feeling ready to grow your relationship with God in 2020?

Feeling ready to learn how to watercolor in your Journaling Bible?

Yes? this FREE workshop is meant for you… beginners welcome!

My prayer is for this free workshop to support your creative journey with God and also give you a taste of what it’s like to be a family member of my Heart To Freedom membership program. You will get an opportunity to join us ($15/m) when the doors open February 20th if it’s a right fit for you. Regardless if you join or not, this workshop is here to help you grow spiritually and creatively!

Day 1: Mon, Feb 17

Setting Your God Dreams In Motion

Everything should start by getting in the Word. Join me as I walk you through Biblically sound Christian teaching to help you set your God dreams into motion. Bring your favorite drink and something to take notes with as we go deep in the Word together!

Day 2: Tues, Feb 18

Bible Art Journaling Watercolor Basics

Once we’ve gone deep in the Word together, it’ll be time for some quality creative instruction to help you get started confidently Bible art journaling with watercolor, even if you’re a beginner. I’ll even throw in some surprise tips!

Day 3: Wed, Feb 19

Creating In The Word for Beginners

As with any Bible art journaling entry, it starts with getting in the Word and knowing creative skills. By Day 3 you’ll be ready for our Bible art journaling devotional which you can feel confident to do right along with me!

Day 4: Thurs, Feb 20

Taking Action To Grow In God + A Surprise

You won’t want to miss our final day of the workshop as we discuss how to take action to grow in God consistantly…. plus a little surpise announcement which isn’t quite what you’re expecting and definitely worth clearing a bit of your schedule for. I’ll see you there!

“I experience Jesus’ love when I hear you speak and I have been comforted by His Love during a difficult season of life…”

– Community Member

What you need to know…

When The Workshop Is Available

The 4-day workshop will be happening February 17-20, 2020. Each workshop day a new video will be released at 10am (New York time) and you’ll be notified via email. They are not live, so no worries if you can’t watch it at that exact time, but they will not be available until that time.

The recordings of the workshop will only be available until midnight (New York time) on February 20th. So, definitely carve out time to watch them during the four day period!

Who The Workshop Is For

This workshop is perfect for any woman serious about growing deeper in her relationship with God.

If you feel like spiritual mentorship could help Bible art journaling have a meaningful impact on your overall relationship with God, this is for you.

What You Need To Have For The Workshop

What you need is simple stuff you likely have around you house and you can attend without even leaving your house!


A computer or laptop with internet connection suitable for watching video, (like YouTube).


A Journaling Bible, (view my guide if you need help choosing one).


A notebook and pen, (to take study notes).


A watercolor set. Look around your house and use what you have, or pick something up within your budget, (view my guide if you need help choosing).


A “round” brush, (make sure it’s for watercolor, sized about 4 or 6 and has never been used for anything but watercolor. Should cost you $2-10).


2 clear glasses with tap water, (an old sauce or pickle jar will do!).


4 pieces of paper towel, (for soaking up your brush liquid).


2-3 sheets of watercolor paper or mixed media paper, (any craft department store or Amazon will have a pad, about notebook size).

“I love that no matter what denomination you are, you are still welcomed and feel loved.”

– Community Member

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